Learn programming the playful way

GalaxyCodr is an interactive educational game for teaching kids the principles of programming in fun way.

What is Galaxycodr?

An interactive educational game for teaching young kids the principles of programming and coding in a fun way.

Each of the 10 planets will teach the player new skills. The game is designed for children ages 8 and up and serves as a fun introduction into the creative world of Information Technology.

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The year is x49 y576 on the far-away planet, Sandy. After an uneventful day at school, best friends Tim and Spike, decide to play on their GalaxyBlets. They try to beat each other by getting the highest score possible. As they are playing, an unknown space craft lands in the distance without them noticing and they get blinded by a weird, sticky stuff. What is supposed to be fun, afternoon turns into a ferocious fight for Spike. He doesn't notice what's happening and that Tim needs his help. The unknown creatures from another planet abduct Tim! Why would they capture Spke's best friend, Tim? Nobody knows, but we do know one thing for sure - Spike is determined to fight for his friend Tim and rescue him from the sinister creatures!

Luckily for Spike, the creatures are careless and they leave behind their evil plans, which is the only clue we have. Now you can help Spike rescue his friend Tim, by exploring planets and going on an amazing adventure while learning about coding. You might even have to steal Spike father's space rocket keys! The universe is full of mysteries and unanswered questions. Come join us on this adventure while you explore one of the most mysterious galaxies full of magical planets, amazing creatures, and many other surprises!

The Characters


Our hero

Ever since Spike was hatched from his shell, he and Tim have been best friends. Being the only child, Spike is being brought up in a strict way by his father. He does get most things he wants though, including GalaxyBlet, a game system, where he and Tim try to outdo each other and get the highest score. Not afraid of any obstacles, Spike is determined to explore every single planet in the galaxy.


The kidnapped friend

Tim lives with his parents and twenty of his brothers not far from Spike’s cell. He enjoys playing GalaxyBlet, which he got as a birthday present when he turned 6,000,000. Usually, the journey home from his school lasts just a few light hours. Tim’s parents, while programming his egg, made a little mistake - Tim was not supposed to be born with any suctions cups. When it rains, he needs to be careful that he doesn’t become stuck on the ground, but on the other hand, this proves to be a great advantage to him because he has a really good excuse not to go to school. When the weather is great, Tim also has an advantage of moving much faster than others.


The evil mastermind

He is the bad guy from the planet Industrial - where he is constantly making new inventions. He is always up to no good, travelling through the galaxy and visiting planets without his parents knowing. His younger brother, Bou, copies his brother’s actions by secretly slipping into the rocket. Crunch decides to let Bou join him and both of them come up with a lot of bad ideas in the backyard of their parents' house.


The clumsy one

Definitely not a clever one. Whatever he takes, he breaks. He's really earned Crunch's favor and they become not just great brothers, but also best buddies and colleagues. He tries to make every effort to be like his big brother, but he is just useless and most of their missions are pointless because of him. He likes to bake sweet biscuits or see a show at GBox.

The Planets

The Planets

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